09 May 2023

Review: Webinar Ongoing reform of mental health. From Institutions to Community Services | 26 April 2023

On 26th April at 19:00, as part of the ‘Learning from each other webinar series’ organized by the EUCOMS Network, we hosted a webinar on which the focus was on the reform of mental health, specifically the shift from institutions to community services. There were 97 attendees in total with a constant participation of 56 attendees.

The webinar was a follow-up to the seminar we had organized between 17-20 March in Romania, which had brought together 50 mental health experts from 10 countries. Our aim was to continue the conversation around ongoing reform in mental health and explore the challenges and opportunities that come with the shift towards community services.

During the webinar, our panel of speakers, which included experts from various backgrounds, shared their knowledge and experiences on the topic. We discussed best practices and strategies to support the transition towards community services and highlighted some of the key challenges that need to be addressed. The conversation was lively, engaging, and informative, with participants actively sharing their thoughts and ideas.

Overall, it was an excellent opportunity to learn from knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the field and to engage in a meaningful discussion on this important topic. We are grateful to all those who participated and contributed to the success of the webinar.

To learn about the speakers and the program of the webinar, please check our previous post here (click).

Presentations of the speakers:

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