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A webinar organized by the Dutch International Mental Health Hub

What are the benefits of using a child rights-based approach? And how are these rights currently implemented in youth mental health care across the world?

In this webinar, we will focus on two rights in particular: the right to grow up (mentally) healthy and the right to be heard, and thus to be actively involved in policymaking.

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The 11th EUCOMS network meeting will take place in Krakow in May 2022 during the Community Psychiatry Forum of Beneficiaries, Families and Professionals.

After the 11th EUCOMS network meeting in Krakow in May 2022 during the Community Psychiatry Forum of Beneficiaries, Families and Professionals, we will disseminate the event and present the reforms of Mental Health in Poland

On 28th September, Ionela Petrea organizes a Webinar on models of care in Community Mental Health.

On 30th November, the topic will be the role of primary care in community mental health. We asked the European Forum of Primary Care to organize that with us.

Past network meetings

Learn about the interaction between emergency aid and mental health services in three countries surrounding Ukraine: Moldova, Romania and Poland:

With contributions of Lidiia Kasianchuk Victoria Condrat Peter McBride Tiberiu Rotaru Artur Kochanski and Wendy Weijts and the music of Andriy Khlyvnyuk and Pink Floyd

Link to Powerpoint presentations of our speakers here

The main goal of the webinar is to share developments and findings from 4 different countries: the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and the Republic of Estonia. Questions we will address:

• What is the value of the (Peer) Open Dialogue approach?

• What is the role of peer workers and other professions in Open Dialogue?

• How the Open Dialogue Approach may change current mental health care practises?

• How may Open Dialogue be combined with other models or approaches?

• How to implement Open Dialogue in mental health care systems, in organisations, in teams?

The webinar will be hosted by Jean Pierre Wilken, the president of The CARe Network, a university professor involved in mental health care reforms and one of the authors of the Model CARe. He will introduce shortly the Open Dialogue approach, its core aspects in current developments and its connectedness to other models of care.

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Our friends from Netherlands and Japan had great presentations on the main topics of the webinar: Resource Group and Seikatsu Rinsho.
Click here for the whole article + presentations + Youtube link to the webinar

On 26th January 2022, Trude Lønning, Elisabeth Høyland, Aud Bø and other experts presented the prevention strategy of the city of Sandnes in Norway.

Video here.

On 15th December, Andreas Lamerz and his team from the community mental health service GGZ Noord-Holland-Nord, The Netherlands, presented their digital strategy, including a digital team and online recovery college.

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On the 8th of September, Marianne Destoop and her team from Antwerp Belgium presented their practice for persons who are hard to engage.

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On the 28th of April, Tor Helge Tjelta and Vesna Svab presented how the FACT model, which was developed in The Netherlands, was adapted in Norway and Slovenia.

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The 10th EUCOMS network meeting took place on the 27th of January and was on the topic of Peer support work.

Oda Hoilund, led the Webinar in collaboration with the Global Mental Health Peer support Network (GMHPN) in which 5 peer experts from around the globe presented how peer support became a fundament of community mental health.

More details of the meeting with the recording attached here.

The 9th EUCOMS network meeting was the first large webinar EUCOMS held. The topic for the meeting was how COVID-19 had affected mental health services across the globe.

The EUCOMS kick-off meeting took place on the 6th of April 2016 in Heiloo, Netherlands (hosted by GGZ Noord-Holland-Noord). Every year since then EUCOMS network meetings have been hosted by organizations from different European countries. So far the meetings have taken place in Belfast, Hamburg, Luxembourg, Màlaga, Lille and Pilzen.