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Manual for site visits to learn about implementation of community based mental health care

Mental Health Care Organisations have expressed their wish to learn from each other in the context of EUCOMS and implementing community mental health care. One way of doing this is by visiting each other and talk to colleagues from institutions in different countries and visit their services.

The purpose of these site-visits are to learn from different services about how they think, act and work in order to bring in practice the principles of good community mental health care as described in the ‘Consensus Paper on Fundamental Principles and Key Elements of Community Based Mental Health Care’.

The aim of this  manual is to facilitate these mutual visits by providing some topics/questions to address with practical suggestions which can be used for preparation and during the visit.

Importantly, the visits will be non-judgemental and explicitly aim for a respectful and mutual exchange on an equal level. The visits will yield a qualitative impression about the way the principles of the Consensus Paper are used.

Exchange Visits – Learning from each other

You can download the report of Andalusia (Spain) visiting Oslo (Norway) here