19 Sep 2021

Replay of our webinar 08.09.2021

Watch the replay of our webinar the 08.09.2021 on “Hard to engage in assertive care”. The webinar was hosted by Marianne Destoop. It was a collaboration between EUCOMS and the Dutch International Mental Health Hub.

Final program for the 08.09.2021

7:00 PM 

 Musical opening by Erik Robyn ‘Pittig in 5/8’

7:05 PM            

Welcome by Rene introducing Marianne Destoop

7:07 PM            

Introduction by Marianne Destoop

7:10 PM            

Presentation by Ellen Bergmans ‘Assertive outreach & engagement’ +Q&A

7:40 PM            

Movie + presentation by Luna Van Suetendael ‘Engaging those who are homeless’ +Q&A

8:15 PM            

Movie + presentation by Lise Docx ‘Hard to engage dually diagnosed inpatients’ +Q&A

8:50 PM            

Concluding words and short information about next EUCOMS and Hub events giving the floor to Marianne Destoop

8:52 PM 

Concluding words Marianne Destoop and introducing final music act

8:55 PM            

Musical closing by Erik Robyn ‘Song for a movie’

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