12 Apr 2021

First “Learning from each other” webinar on Flexible Assertive Community Treatment in Norway and Slovenia 28th of April

EUCOMS Webinar on FACT in The Netherlands, Norway and Slovenia
You are invited to join the EUCOMS Webinar on Flexible Assertive Community Treatment (FACT) model on April 28, 19-20.30h CET. You will learn about the development of the FACT in The Netherlands, Norway and Slovenia. As always with an intro and outro of a peer exert and live music. https://eucoms.net/events/learning-from-each-other-fact-in-balkan-and-norway/

FACT model
Flexible Assertive Community Treatment (FACT) is a recovery-oriented clinical case management model, that was developed in the Netherlands over the last 2 decades. F-ACT provides coordinated multidisciplinary treatment and care for clients with severe mental illness by individual case management and a whole team approach.

Adaptation in different countries
The model is widespread in The Netherlands and found its way to several other countries in Europe and beyond. This resulted in adaptation to different circumstances and further development of the FACT model.

Program Webinar
The Webinar will be opened and closed by Justin Steffensen a peer expert from Norway.  Elsbeth de Ruijter, chair of the FACT Association in the Netherlands describes the development of FACT in The Netherlands. Anne Landheim from Norway, project manager Norwegian National Centre for Concurrent Substance abuse and Mental Disorders (NKROP), and leader of the FACT research in Norway presents the practice and research of FACT in Norway. With a musical interval we then move to the Balkans. Vesna Svab, psychiatrist and professor at the University of Ljubljana, describes the introduction and development of FACT in Slovenia.

More about the speakers

Justin Steffensen:
Justin Steffensen is a peer expert from Oslo. Justin, can you write a short bio, describing in 2-3 sentences who you are.

Elsbeth de Ruijter:
Everyone deserves a place in our society, also when you have a severe psychiatric illness. This is where I put my energy into on a daily basis among others in my role as chair  of both the association FACT and the Phrenos Center of Expertise for severe mental illness in the Netherlands. Besides that, I am a member of the board  of GGZ Noord Holland Noord and I am a practicing psychiatrist.

Anne Landheim:
Anne Landheim is a research manager at the Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Concurrent Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorders, professor at Innland University of Applied Sciences.  She has been working with implementation and research on ACT and FACT since 2009.

Mr. Edo Belak and his son Matjaž Belak:

Edo Belak and his son Matjaž Belak will do the music intermezzo at our meeting. Edo Belak is a prominent member of EUFAMI and the first and still most important representative of service users’ carers in Slovenia. With a group of relatives, he was the one that promped the acceptance of Menal Health Law in 1998 and National Mental Health Plan in 2018. He also leads carers groups and managed to implement PROSPECT-educational program for service usres, carers and also professionals in Slovenia.

Vesna Svab:

prof.Vesna Švab, MD, PhD, psychiatrist, president of the National Assoiciation for Mental Health ŠENT, working in Health Center Sevnica with FACT team and leading Education for Community Care in Mental Health Centers in Slovenia at the National Institute for Public Health.

Download the full program here

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