27 Jan 2022

Prevention | Learning From Each Other Webinar Series | 26th January 2022

Learn about prevention in Norway.

In the town of Sandnes, they have a coherent policy on prevention: to avoid deterioration and maintain the functional level, to provide support for those who need it and prevention in a public health perspective, starting in Kindergarten.

Watch this episode of the EUCOMS Network ‘Learning from each other webinar series’. As always with an in and outro by a peer expert and with live music.

Find the video link below.

To have a brief description of what happened in the webinar, here are the key points:

  • Thieu Elin Kirkhus, Tarjei Øvrelid & Daniel sing Lonely Street by Belew, Sowder and Stevenson
  • Peer expert from Sandnes, Marte Løgevik Ylitalo, talks from her personal experience
  • Prevention in Sandnes. Different levels and public health perspective: Trude Lønning and Aud Bø
  • Music therapy as prevention: reflections from music therapists Tarjei Øvrelid and Elin Kirkhus
  • Tarjei Øvrelid, Elin Kirkhus & Daniel sang a Musical intermezzo: Sweet old world by Lucinda Williams
  • Closing by Peer experts from Sandnes. Recovery Helpers: Lars Morten Wathne and Cecilie Reinertsen Egeland

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