29 Sep 2023

September 2023 Newsletter. A travelogue from Australia

In this edition, we present Tor Helge Tjelta‘s captivating travelogue from his three-and-a-half-month journey in Australia. Tor Helge, a distinguished public doctorate specializing in Innovation of Services in the Public and Private sectors (INSEPP), ventured Down Under to explore youth mental health and integrated care. He immersed himself in Orygen – the National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health, affiliated with the University of Melbourne, and shared his experiences and insights gained during this enriching journey.

Throughout his exploration, Tor Helge engaged with renowned researchers and clinicians, discussing common challenges and envisioning future collaborative projects. His journey sheds light on Australia’s innovative healthcare system, with a focus on integrated services for young people, offering valuable inspiration for the future of healthcare in Norway. Join us as we follow Tor Helge’s quest for knowledge and international collaboration, highlighting the transformative power of cross-cultural cooperation in healthcare innovation.