02 Dec 2022

Review of The role of Primary Care in community mental health Joint Webinar between EFPC & EUCOMS

‘I learnt a lot by listening and also I now have a new interest cemented and thoroughly enjoyed speaking and listening to the dilemmas GP’s and other professionals face‘.

This was the comment of James Crawshaw who opened and closed the EUCOMS/EFPC Webinar on the role of primary care in community mental health. That is exactly the type of learning we like to create in our Webinars!

60 persons participated live coming from Europe, the USA, Africa and Asia. We learned what the community wants from primary care and what the situation of primary mental health care is in England and Belgium.

During the webinar, people asked in the chat for the presentations of the speakers, so, below the Youtube recording, find the presentations of Lisa Hill, Marc van Nuland and Geert Pint.

A recording is available here

A big thank you to:
Co-Operative Harmony for creating the atmosphere during the webinar (Damilola Fateye, Ayoola Fateye, David Kelly, James Crawshaw)
Lisa Hill
James Crawshaw
Marc van Nuland
Geert Pint
Dineke Smit

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