01 Mar 2021

EUCOMS in Austria

On Friday February 26 René Keet met Georg Spiel, the ambassador of EUCOMS in Austria. He is a child and youth neurologist and psychiatrist and general psychiatrist. His focus shifted over time from basic science to community mental health care. He describes this shift as a necessity because of the high rates of mental ill health. He works for the Foundation pro Mente that provides community mental health for child and youth, families and adults. In German: Kinder, Jugend, Familie and promente kärnten- (www.promente.at) . He lives and works in Carinthia, a province with 500.000 inhabitants in the Southeast of Austria. The service entails ambulatory teams, crisis centers, sheltered living, (vocational) rehabilitation units, mental health first aid  and prevention.  Geog Spiel has a longstanding experience in clinical practice, management and research. He is devoted to participatory research, integrating internal and external evaluation of the services and the development of e-mental health.

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