15 May 2020

The European Community Mental Health Service providers network (EUCOMS) – a registered foundation

After 5 years of active engagement and collaboration, the 61 organisations of EUCOMS based in 21 countries have now come together to establish this network, which represents the mental health service providers organisations, as a registered foundation – The European Community Mental Health Service providers network (EUCOMS).

EUCOMS aims to contribute to a world in which European citizens have access to quality community mental health services contributing to their mental health and wellbeing and enabling them to live in their community, on their own terms.

EUCOMS will continue to be steered by its recently appointed Board of Directors:

  1. Rene Keet (Chairman)                
  2. Billy Murphy (Vice Chairman)
  3. Tor Helge Tjelta (Treasurer)
  4. Niels Mulder                   
  5. Ionela Petrea                  
  6. Juan Jose Martinez Jambrina
  7. Oda Hoilund.

The new Board expresses their gratitude to Prof Mirella Ruggeri (Italy), Dr Raluca Nica & Dr Tiberiu Rotaru (Romania), and to Dr Nils Greve (Germany) who have stepped down from the positions they held on the previous Steering Committee between 2015 and 2019. They have provided over the years valuable contributions and guided the network since its beginnings.

Photo (From left) : Daniel Mørk (Secretary), Torbjørn Mohn-Haugen (Secretary), Rene Keet (Chairman)), Bill Murphy (Vice Chairman), Niels Mulder (Board member), Tor Helge Tjelta (Treasurer), Oda Høilund (Board member), Ionela Petrea (Board member), Malou Besselink (Secretary), Knut Moestue (Secretary).

Not present: Juan Jose Martinez Jambrina (Board member), Marius S. Pettersen (Secretary)

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