03 May 2022

Mind our rights! A webinar on children’s rights & youth mental health | May 10th, 1-2 PM CET | Dutch International Mental Health Hub

What are the benefits of using a child rights-based approach? And how are these rights currently implemented in youth mental health care across the world?

In this webinar, we will focus on two rights in particular: the right to grow up (mentally) healthy and the right to be heard, and thus to be actively involved in policymaking.

Hosted by Jens Gigase, with talks by:

Ꞝ Ton Liefaard (Leiden University) – Benefits and implementation of children’s rights in mental health care

Ꞝ Joanna Lai (UNICEF) – On my Mind: how adolescents experience and perceive mental health across the world

Ꞝ Cassandra Harrison (Youth Access) – Make our rights reality: a manifesto created by hundreds of young people across England

Registration link: https://forms.gle/v2Hx2oCrCsuU7iBWA

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