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Eventlist 2019

Date Name Location
April, 6-9 27th European Psychiatric Association Congress  Poland, Warsaw
May, 24-25 IPCRG 6th Scientific Meeting Bucharest, Romania
June, 6-8 ENMESH Lisbon, Portugal
June, 13-14 6th EUCOMS Network Meeting Lille, France
August, 21-24 19th WPA World Congress of Psychiatry Lisbon, Portugal
August, 31 – 3 September IPA congress Santiago di Compostela Spain
September, 2-5 Recoverey – Refocus on Recovery Nottingham, United Kingdom
September, 5-7 7th EUCOMS Network Meeting/ 5th European Conference on Integrated Care and Assertive Outreach (EAOF) Verona, Italy
September, 9-13 IIMHL & IIDL Exchange Washington, United States of America
September, 29-30/
October 01
EFPC 2019 Nanterre Conference  Nanterre, France
October, 25-28 WASP World Congress of Social Psychiatry Bucharest, Romania
Ocotober, 31 Congress Deinstitutionalisation Utrecht, the Netherlands
November, 27-30 DGPPN Congress Berlin, Germany

Eventlist 2018

Date Name Location
February, 7 – 8 Third EU Compass Forum on Mental Health and Well-being – “Mental Health in all Policies, Community Mental Health Care’

René Keet was a speaker during the second session on day one, Community Mental Health Care ‘What does good look like in community mental health care? From science to shaping practices across EU’.

March, 29 – 30 René Keet was a speaker at the WHOCC International meeting in Lille, ‘Active Citizenship and Empowerment in Community Mental Health – Participative innovations in France and abroad’. Lille, France
May, 28 – June 1 IIMHL 2018, Matches in Sweden & Region & Network Meeting Stockholm, see René Keet’s 5 minute’s pitch here. Stockholm, Sweden
June, 10 René Keet visited the Pfalzklinikum, a mental health service with a catchment area of 1.4 million inhabitants in Southwest Germany. He was a speaker on the Day of Psychiatry (Tag der Psychiatry) and discussed the 6 EUCOMS principles. Germany
June, 21 – 23 Democracy and Community Mental Health Care Triëste, Italy
June 21 – 22 Simposio Nacional sobr Tratamiento Asertivo Comunitario en Salud Mental Avilés, Spain
June 27 – 30 Congres International SPNPPC Chisinau, Moldova
September Asklepios network York, United Kingdom
November 28/ December 1 DGPPN Congress (German Association for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics). Berlin, Germany