Our Objectives and activities

The EUCOMS network wants to make a difference with and for people who experience severe and enduring mental ill health. The network does this through the facilitation of mutual learning and support between organisations and individuals that strive to work on the implementation, promotion, monitoring and evaluation of community mental health care. Besides mutual learning and support, EUCOMS aims to act as the linking pin between policy and practice giving service providers a voice in the national and European policy arena. The ultimate goal of the network is that quality community based mental health care services are implemented and accessible for service users in Europe and beyond.

EUCOMS engages in the following activities:

  • Facilitation of knowledge sharing including the organisation of one to two conferences a year, workshops and cross country visits to share best practices;
  • Advocacy on national and European level for the implementation of quality community mental health care;
  • Facilitation of capacity building of leaders, providers, and peer experts in community mental health care.

The scope of the network is community based mental health services for prevention, treatment and recovery of people experiencing severe and enduring mental ill health.

The network is open for service providers, networks, service user- and carer organisations, umbrella organizations, governmental agencies, health authorities, health trusts and individuals that provide services for people experiencing severe and enduring mental ill health or support these services.